The Rodney Carroll Team consists of Rodney Carroll, Gus Nystrom, Jim Pruden, and Charlene Koehl. With over 30 years experience, The Rodney Carroll Team is able to help buyers find a house that they can call home. The Rodney Carroll Team works closely with buyers and sellers in Wake, Johnson, and Harnett Counties.

How does the Rodney Carroll Team help buyers to find the right properties for buyers?

The Rodney Carroll is able to utilize the technology today to zero in on finding the right home for their clients. The clients they work with are able to keep up on the real estate market using custom search engines that feel the needs and wants of each buyer

How do you make sure buyers get the best price for the property they are interested in?

The Rodney Carroll Team takes the time to educate their clients on what the current trends our in the real estate market. These trends can change drastically depending on the area and price their clients are looking which helps determine how to proceed with an offer. The Rodney Carroll Team understands that the purchase of the home is more than just a price....it also involves terms. The Rodney Carroll Team is able to use both price and terms to determine the best way for their clients to move forward when they find the right home.

What does the Rodney Carroll Team do to help market the properties your clients are selling?

Today real estate is about technology. The Rodney Carroll Team is able to use typical marketing avenues along with using the internet to promote their clients homes to over 50 different websites. With the great rapport and relationships built with other agents, The Rodney Carroll Team makes sure to use their relationships to promote their current listing inventory.

How does the Rodney Carroll Team help sellers get the highest price?

With most sellers it is about the price. With The Rodney Carroll Team we take the time to determine what is most valuable in the sale of their home. Before we can help our clients, we must first understand what's important to them. Is it price, time, or convenience?

What do you recommend sellers do to make sure their selling process is smooth?

The Rodney Carroll recommends to be pro active. The Rodney Carroll Team helps sellers understand what to expect during the listing and closing process....No one likes a surprise when their home in on the market, or getting ready to close. For example, the home inspection can be a big hurdle for a lot of buyers and sellers. The Rodney Carroll Team provides the sellers with a pre inspection checklist which is a list of common items that can be repaired or replaced before the buyer gets a home inspection.

We're here to assist in your exciting real estate decisions. Buying or selling a home is often challenging and stressful. Our goal is to eliminate your stress and make your real estate experience rewarding. Give us a call at 919.779.3113 or email us at info@therodneycarrollteam.com to see how we can help you achieve your real estate goals.

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